BirthSense is a holistic practice of childbirth preparation that respects and supports the individual needs of birthing women and couples. Its approach also encourages increased body and self awareness as the most empowering resource for creating health and wellbeing during pregnancy, for birth and beyond.


Deep Body-Centred Relaxation and Visualisation
...or body-centred hypnosis has proven to be a very positive and powerful tool for increasing normal outcomes, facilitating maternal-infant bonding, decreasing the risk of prematurity and other pregnancy and birth complications.

One to One BirthSense Preparation 
provides individual attention and support while offering active birth education, prenatal counselling, and deep relaxation and visualisation therapy to help women and couples:
Realistically prepare for labour by developing positive beliefs, attitudes and techniques for coping with the power of labour.
Explore and resolve emotional concerns and personal issues about giving birth and becoming a mother.
Develop confidence and trust in the ability to birth and mother.
Begin to heal prior birth experiences that may negatively affect feelings and expectations for this upcoming delivery.
Release fears and anxieties caused by a woman’s own birth or past birth experiences.