The Prenatal Program :
Consists of three one on one individual sessions for women and their partners which include hypnosis skills and active birth principles.

Session 1: Prenatal Hypnosis (from around 28 - 30 weeks) Duration 1 1/2 hours Fee $140.00
Foundation session with interview and birth inventory so that your needs can be supported as you move forward. Deep body centred hypnosis to reinforce lots of healthy internal information, body wisdom, trust and prenatal bonding and support. Recorded to create your personal prenatal CD to continue working with from home.

Session 2: Labour skills and Breath/bodywork (Scheduled around 36 weeks) Duration 2 hours Fee $180.00
Very hands on and practical, this session focuses specifically on labour skills with partner and support welcome. Through breath and body awareness exercises women discover how they can experience the least amount of tension and the most energy available to them for birth. Partners also become aware of the simple keys ways they can help their partner to be in the most focused and resourceful state in labour. This is a great time to schedule this session because women and partners will remember it.

Session 3: Birth Hypnosis (around 38 week mark) Duration 1 1/2 hours Fee $140.00
In this session in deep body centred hypnosis women are guided through the birth of their baby. The information and imagery is very health, very normal, very positive and powerful. This hypnosis session is recorded to create your personal birth CD to enjoy relaxing to in the days until your baby is born.

* Jacki’s sessions are flexible and with notice can be arranged to suit individual needs .
* Sessions can stand alone i.e: Session 2 with the body and breathwork labour skills is very popular and effective as a single practical intensive to help women and couples feel confident and comfortable in moving through the birth together.

Art Therapy

First session 1 1/2 hrs Fee $140.00
Follow on sessions 1 hr Fee $ 90.00

* includes all art materials